Before and After Wedding Gown Conversion

Here is a before and after gown to be worn by future generations.  The lace on this wedding dress was very old and tore easily.  So, all of the lace was re-inforced with satin underneath.  Fortunately the original seed beads could still be used.  This gown is simple and unisex - fitting for a girl or boys baptism. 


Extra Special Touches For Your Christening Ceremony

If you are having your baby christened you may have opportunity to shape the church service or backyard ceremony in personal ways.  Here's a touching video; A Mother's Prayer.  You could play the video in your church service, or at your dedication party.  Another option would be to have a friend or family member sing the song with pictures of your baby on a slideshow.  Lovely.

The beautiful thing about this video is that it applies to all mothers and you share your prayer together in sweet community as you watch.

Click here for more ideas.


A Dress Passed Down from Grandmother to Granddaughter.

Oh, the sweetest testimonial arrived in my inbox from a mother-of-the-bride (whose father recently passed away).  The Bride's grandmother wanted to transform her wedding gown into a christening gown as a surprise wedding gift.  Be still my heart.  And, to add a real tear-jerker to the story the grandfather suddenly passed away a couple weeks after they sent the gown.  Big shock to the family.  So, I knew I had a real treasure on my hands.  And it all turned out. But shhh, the bride doesn't know this has gone on.  Want to read what they thought of the dress?  I know you do:

"We got the beautiful dress today.  We were totally blown away.  You created a real heirloom at a very difficult time for my Mom.  I can't believe how many aspects of her wedding dress are visible in the baptismal gown.

Mom was crying and smiling like the Cheshire Cat at the same time.  She held the little dress for 30 minutes, taking it all in.  I left the dress hanging in her living room so she could keep enjoying it and show her friends.  

I can't wait for her to give the dress to Kristen at her wedding.  It will be an enduring memory for all of us.  I will send a photo!

Thanks for what I know was extra effort."

I won't post the picture of the gown (since I already did a couple posts ago).  But Sue, I'm so happy you're happy - thanks for sharing your story with me.  I'm honoured to have been part of it.



Christening and Baptism Articles

I'm working furiously on a new site for christening and baptism event planning.  I've got a lot of information in my head about christenings that I've been collecting over the years.  So, I'm putting it down in article form on a reference site.  

Article topics will include: The differences between christenings, baptisms and non-religious ceremonies.  How to plan your ceremony and after party.  Some alternatives to the traditional baby dedication.  There will also be pages about baby gift ideas, gown fabric choices, adding sentimental touches to heirloom gowns and how to preserve your christening gown for generations to come. I plan on putting article segments on this blog too - so stay tuned :)  Hope you're enjoying this beautiful sunny start to the weekend.  I for one have a few new wedding dresses waiting to be cut into so we'll see how much I get done in the garden.



Latest Luca Romper in Ivory

There just can't be too many of these little silk rompers on the go - every one is a pleasure to make.  This new silk, just in from India is thick and luxurious.  And as always, the blue buttons and trim look sweet as pie.


Latest Baby Gown from Wedding Gown

Sue sent her mother's wedding gown to be re-made into a christening gown for her daughter's wedding shower.  Did you get that?  Bride wanted to wear grandma's wedding dress, but it just wasn't possible - so, the next best thing: create a family heirloom.  What a sentimental gesture.  How sweet.  As I was snapping these photos my daughter kept saying "It's so pretty, It's Sooo Prettty!...."


White Satin Wedding Dress Re-make

Sweet little Victoria in mom's wedding gown: remade to fit her.  This white satin dress was made in toddler walking length.  Love the flower that was added - such style.



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